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The Photo Gallery above has images of Harbor Cottage, the Guest House and the surrounding property. Amenities describes the features of Harbor Cottage and Guest House. Rates & Availability gives information about availability and rental fees. Mid-Coast shows you our part of Maine and provides useful, updated links to the area. Links & Reviews has rental guests’ reviews and links to publications that have featured Harbor Cottage. About Us tells you something about who we are, and includes family and friends who continue to visit Harbor Cottage every year. Contact & Reservations tells you how get in touch with us.

What makes Harbor Cottage special

Harbor Cottage and guest house were conceived as places for play and rest, for reading, dreaming, doing projects, cooking and eating, and falling on the grass in the summer sunshine after the long New York winters. The changing tidal landscape turns everyone into birdwatchers. We see many different kinds of sea birds every day, and feel we know our returning families of ducks, herons and ospreys. Our close proximity to the shore is protected by large offshore islands which make our bay unusually protected and peaceful, and its tidal nature keeps out boats. The uncluttered interiors of the rooms allow the light and sea views to be part of every moment spent here.

We hope you will love Harbor Cottage as much as we do.