Harbor Cottage Guest Reviews

Sarah O., March 27, 2021

We had an excellent trip with lots of family time!  Everything was well equipped and comfortable.  My husband was able to work well during the week, we had a fun time exploring around the rocks outside, and I really enjoyed painting the landscapes around the house.  The bed was very comfortable – everyone slept well…I also cooked a lot, and the kitchen was particularly well equipped.

Jess and Jim Z, March 1, 2021

Where to begin with our time at Harbor Cottage? It has been restorative, yes. And so much more. I truly don’t want to leave!

I miss Maine dearly already. It has made such a deep impression on my psyche, I feel like my spirit is forever shifted. It’s not an overstatement to reflect on how my two holidays at Harbor Cottage have recalibrated how I want to live my life moving forward.

Sheri G., February 22, 2021, anticipating summer ‘21 at Harbor Cottage

I always remember our first night arriving at HC the very first time…it was dark, full moon shining over that mysterious, low tide, moon-like surface of the cove….and then there were fireworks!!!! I was aghast with delight…And the magic has never ceased there.

Rebecca W., January 27 and 30, 2021

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my stay. Truly, you have created such a special place. It is snowing today, and the light is just incredible.

Thank you for a truly magical stay. Leaving with bright blue skies.

Sarah B, January 7, 2021

Thank you for a very special interlude here at Harbor Cottage.
Well named, it felt like an exquisite haven, on the edge of the world.
I will miss the ducks and the Canada Geese and the chic harmony you created in these spaces.   And the view!!!!!!!  Especially from the bed, waking up at 6am seeing barely any light on the horizon, then the great gift at 6:30 as the sky started to reveal streaks of color and light.

Sue C, October 6, 2020

How do I even begin to express my joy & gratitude for this wonderful retreat?
How I needed to be sitting here enveloped in the beauty and tranquility of it all… I feel so safe & cocooned and am just treasuring every moment. What a gorgeous time of the year to be here. The drive up was so pretty with autumn leaves turning all the way up. Weather is cool & crisp with brilliant sunshine today. Many places have already closed for the season, but I am perfectly happy cooking for myself in your very well-equipped kitchen…
I spent yesterday exploring Port Clyde & Marshall’s Point & will venture up to Rockport this afternoon & probably explore Clark Island…

October 8, 2020
The tide is way out this morning and the world is crisp and clear after the wonderful rains last night. The birds are scurrying around for exposed tit bits….It is chilly but there is something rather wonderful about being all bundled up with a cup of tea and the warmth of the sun bathing my face. I look forward to my outdoor shower everyday with its magnificent view. How marvelous to have hot water at an outdoor shower!

October 12, 2020
My trip home yesterday was long and uneventful and a real treat as the skies were brilliant blue and the autumn colors radiant. I don’t ever remember seeing a Fall quite this glorious.
It was a lovely way to cap off a memorable week of solitude at HC.
That extra day really made a difference and I cannot thank you enough for the hoops you had to jump through to make that possible.
I have often longed to have a trip totally alone and have never done it.
I loved it so much that I now want to do it at least once a year!

Jen R, October 3, 2020

We could not love this place more.  It’s an absolutely perfect spot and we have had an incredible few days. After a very hard year, this time was a lovely way to breathe and get re-acquainted with Maine.

Leslie and Brad M., September 25, 2020

Everything is lovely here and we couldn’t be happier in this splendid place you’ve created.

Susan M., September 8, 2020

Along with our daughter, we spent a lovely week at Harbor Cottage. We loved the beauty of the site and the comfort and casual elegance of the house and cottage.

Bob G., August 16, 2020, (treasured returning guest)

I would turn eighty every year if I knew such tasty delicacies would be part of my extended celebration. And to be able to enjoy them all while relaxing in your cottage as the sea ebbs and flows is beyond expectations.
I so value your hospitality and appreciate your generosity.

John H. & Tim, August 14, 2020

The two weeks went by quickly and we’ve had a glorious time at HC!

Erin and Rob, Maggie and Charlie C., Jennifer and David July 18, 2020

We are all checked out and on our way home. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us this week. We had an absolutely wonderful vacation, likely the highlight of this wild year. I’m happy to report everyone in the local area did a great job of wearing masks and keeping distance. We were still able to do many of our usual activities … The weather was lovely, though thoroughly Maine-ish with some sunny warm days mixed with foggy mornings and a few rainy nights. We are already looking forward to our next visit!

Alex B., June 2021

The house is wonderful and we are truly enjoying it.
I wanted to compliment you on your aesthetic and what you’ve done with this property. I’m a real estate developer, and I truly appreciate all that’s been thought of and done here.

Allison S., June 2020

I was inspired to take this picture after a rain.  The colors were so vibrant.  The cottages, with the flowering trees, so charming!!  I love this time of year!  I’m so glad we’re here now, late Spring, when the garden is blooming and green but not overgrown and the weather is not too hot…

We cooked lobster for the first time ever from Jess’s and we had halibut from Jess’s last night which is in season right now. Yum Yum Yum! We made a beurre blanc to go with it from your copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Also been using Mark Bittman‘s How to Cook Everything. Your library is so appealing to me. Cookbooks, poetry, garden books, interiors, art, New England! I’m just in heaven here. Lol. Going to drive up to Camden today and see Penobscot Bay first hand and read Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey. I keep quoting his book in various situations we are in. So much fun!

Jeanne B., May 7, 2020

We arrived safely – the house is lovely.
We went to the Hedgerow while they were closing. They gave us the flowers from you.
I thought you would like to see them and thank them
We did when received them.

Kate S., January 2020

Harbor Cottage is truly a special spot and while the photos certainly gave indication of that, being here in person has taken it to another level.  Everything is perfect…

My stay here at Harbor Cottage has been nothing short of amazing thus far. The sunrises coupled with the ebbing of the tides have been a source of endless excitement each day.

Idyllic Family Home On Serene Tidal Bay, Dazzling Views, Designer Interiors. (Kimberley A. April 16, 2018)

The house is the perfect place to stay! The views are unforgettable and watching the tide variances is incredible. All of the basics are in the house, we never felt like we were missing something. It really was the perfect place for us! Fiona was always available, easy to talk to, and went above and beyond. It is truly appreciated.

Thank you for creating such a haven for us all (Alysia M. January 2, 2018)

There are no words for how restorative our time at HC was for us all… we all left there feeling more connected, stronger and ready to work hard for good things to come in the new year. One of the results of my time at HC is that I am now back in my studio working away on a new body of work.  Nothing makes me happier…so thank you for creating such a haven for us all.

You’ll never want to leave the house! (Allyson C. September 30, 2017)

Our week at Harbor Cottage was memorable. Everything we wanted to see, from lighthouses to restaurants were within a 40 minute drive. We spent a great deal of our time just hanging at the house taking advantage of the well appointed kitchen and fabulous views. Our best day was spent outside in the backyard with a fire, lounging in the Adirondack chairs and reading books. Oh, and we had an apple crisp in the oven made from fruit from the tree in the yard! If you’re looking for a place to decompress, this is the spot. Did I mention that we didn’t have the TV on all week? Now that’s a great vacation. Thank you Fiona for creating such a tranquil getaway!

Beautiful—a perfect Maine coast experience. (Ernie T., October 8, 2017)

It is exactly as advertised in Fiona’s description. The main house and guest house are beautifully done and comfortable. It is a great place to just relax, quiet and secluded, but not so secluded that you can’t get out and explore. We had six adults and were completely comfortable; able to all be together or to find a spot to read. We took a day trip to Bar Harbor and explored the local area as well. I’m not a person who typically will rate anything a 5-stars, because that means it was perfect. Well, this place is pretty close and better than 4-stars. We would gladly visit again if we have the opportunity.

The cottage is absolutely amazing (Hilary S. September 17,2017)

I just want to let you know that the cottage is absolutely amazing and it has superseded all of our expectations! Everything is perfection:) The cottage and its surroundings are pure bliss, just what the doctor ordered:) Thank you for creating such an amazing place!

We will likely return!  Thanks for creating such a magical space. (Allyson C September 30, 2017)

We had an amazing week.  Your home was perfect for us and we never got tired of looking out those windows. One of the reasons we chose the St. George area was to look at areas and homes to potentially relocate to.  Not retire, just relocate.  We loved your home the best!

We have loved being here (Joy K. July 7, 2017)

Oh thank you! We have loved being here as a family and embracing all of our fond memories of Maine. Thank you

Thank you again for sharing your retreat. (Jeff & Rachel B. March 2017)

I wanted to send a thank you and our compliments on creating a truly wonderful escape.  Everything was perfectly in order on our arrival including fresh cut flowers.  We loved the design and attention to detail – art, linens, lighting, cuddle down, a real tub, proper conical coffee grinder & French press etc., – seen throughout the property.
We look forward to an opportunity when we might be able to return during warmer weather – as I can imagine a morning coffee or afternoon libation in those Adirondack chairs is quite lovely!

Everything looked just beautiful. (Ramsay T. May 2017)

Thank You for the most wonderful stay at Harbor Cottage over Memorial Day weekend! We couldn’t have had a more relaxing time. We had a bit of every kind of weather and that was lovely, too. It was also a treat to be there at the beginning of the season, as we got to experience more places. Having Hedgerow open was a dream! Congratulations on the excellent improvements as well. Everything looked just beautiful.

You have created a lovely environment here (Rosemary M. June 17, 2017)

We are (reluctantly) packing and preparing to leave. Thank you, thank you! You have created a lovely environment here; we couldn’t have been happier. We would like to visit again next year.

Paddle boarded right away while the water was like glass (Sheri G. Aug 30 2016)

…what a day! I knew it would be special when at 7 am I spotted “our” heron from the bathroom through the window over the stairs! Paddle boarded right away while the water was like glass as the sun was emerging through the clouds!

We’ve had a wonderful week …Thanks so much…Harbor Cottage is a very beautiful and special spot ! Kudos to you for creating it!”

We had a positively perfect weekend (Nancy H., February 2016)

We had a positively perfect weekend at Harbor Cottage and hope to visit again soon…Thank you for sharing your lovely, lovely home with us. We adore it.

We had an absolutely wonderful stay – thank you! We love Harbor Cottage!” (Kim F. June 2016)


We loved every moment up there (Shelby P., May 30, 2016)

Thank you again for opening your home to my family and allowing us to enjoy a week in Maine that we will never forget. We loved every moment up there … Especially those quiet ones every morning sitting on the porch in those Adirondack chairs sipping tea and staring out at that amazing view! I loved the beautiful lilacs you had in the house. I hope we can make the Harbor Cottage an annual tradition. My husband and I can’t stop talking about all the special memories we made last week. Oh and I LOVED cooking in your kitchen! Thank you for having such amazing kitchen tools because picking up such beautiful produce at Hedgerow made me want to cook everyday. It was so nice to have the space and everyone around helping … I had forgotten how much I miss cooking because our NYC kitchen is sooo tiny… Thank you so much!

The ambience created by your decor just is beyond lovely (Daisy M., August 15,2016)

Oh Fiona and Tony, we have SO appreciated being able to be In your magnificent home for two weeks…Each day we say how much we love it:  the sounds. The light. The wonderful breezes that pass through (thanks to all these magnificent windows) the COMFORT…ooh lala! Bed…sofas , chairs so perfect.  The ambience created by your decor just is beyond lovely.  Fabrics!  Linens, slipcovers – “ so beautifully appointed” I guess!   The appliances, dishes, stuff we need is there.   Thank you both.

Thank you for all of your thoughtful touches (Maggi W, August 2016)

I just wanted to check in and tell you what a wonderful time we are having at HC.  I tend to wake up at the crack of dawn and am already having my coffee sitting out on the porch…Thank you for all of your thoughtful touches.  It’s all extremely comfortable and relaxing.”

I just arrived and I am speechless. (Martha R September 24 16)

I just arrived and I am speechless.
It is so beautiful. Even better than the pictures which is very hard to do.
Thank you!!

It is truly heavenly here (Hilary October 2 2016)

Again, it is truly heavenly here. The house is so amazingly decorated and so incredibly comfortable. The view is spectacular…the flowers are beautiful as well as the gorgeous handmade soaps… And we so appreciate the lovely kitchen with everything we need to cook..The details don’t go unnoticed.:) We will figure out a date and surely be back… Thank you again!!

A quintessential summer cottage (Sheila B.–February 2015)

As the architect for the renovation of this wonderful house I am biased. I/we have stayed here many times. The intrinsic character of this former country store, now turned to face the sea, is beautifully spare yet cozy; its large south facing windows convey a feeling of being in a ship at sea while eating a meal or sitting by the fire. It is ship-shape and beautifully appointed; the owners’ eye felt in every detail. One can slip into the water, feet away on a high tide or explore the Port Clyde area down the road or venture north to Rockland or Camden though we never wanted to leave.

Coastal Maine in heavy weather (Stephanie P.–February 2015)

We were there sometime in October 2014 for a conference in Camden for 3 nights, in a driving rain storm. It was lovely! The house is cozy, warm, beautiful, with a spectacular view in this case of the rain over the water. There isn’t a better place in the world to stay no matter what the weather. Bed comfortable, again with great view of the water. There is everthing you need including a working fireplace. It is also close (but not too close) to Thomaston, Rockland and Camden, so it is easy to get supplies and/or or go out for dinner.

Wonderful property with gorgeous views! (Evy–February 2015)

Lovely house and guest cottage with spectacular views. We loved being here for the month while renovating our own home in a nearby village. The interior is clean, calm, and lovely and the kitchen is fully equipped. The outdoor shower has a great view and works well, even in November! Waking up in the morning in the master bedroom to a dawn sky over ocean is very special. The woodturning stove took the edge off the cold and provided great atmosphere. I would recommend this property to everyone who values being directly on the water.

Gorgeous, romantic, fun, inspiring place. (Anonymous–February 2015)

Simply perfect! We marked our time with the tides, swam, warmed up again with the outdoor shower. Ate freshly bought foods from local markets right at the waterside. Inspiring place to be, makes one want to draw, paint, write. Beautifully and simply decorated, kitchen obviously stocked by someone who loves to cook. So cute and romantic. Cannot recommend more highly. Also lots to see and do along the coast one wants to explore Maine.